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      Project image is an updated look of what I am expecting my printer to look like. I have 80mm X runners instead of the 40's in the original build and decided to make some angle brackets to help support them.

      Just started my OX build. Going to attempt to used 3D Printed plates as I have a large printer that is capable of printing them - even the main gantry ones.

      Also intend to go a little bit bigger with my build - currently I have some extrusions allowing for a 1500 by 1000 build. Will have to do some evaluating to make sure the system can handle this big of a build as ultimately I want to be able to put on a large spindle to allow for aluminum cutting. As another builder mentioned - can always reduce size if needed.

      I am also planning to use a Smoothieboard I already have, biggest concern is its ability to drive the NEMA 23 steppers (amperage). It is a nice board and has additional mosfets to drive the spindle and anything else - has 2 high amp mosfets (12A, up to 24V) and 2 lower power mosfets ( 5A, up to 24V ). Smoothieboard guide to CNC

      For a spindle/router I may look at building one of the RC motor spindle as show in another project. Looking for the URL for that project but currently cannot find it - did download the design files though.

      Here are my 3D printed plates - very strong but not as good as aluminum I imagine.
      2014-09-10 19.07.15.jpg 2014-09-10 19.08.01.jpg

      Made some 3D Printed parts today for my build - made some NEMA 23 Spacers and some 80mm angle brackets. The spacers were actually designed by Robert Hummel in his build, I just converted them from CNC cut to 3D printable files.
      2014-09-15 00.14.48.jpg 2014-09-12 14.05.58.jpg

      I started gantry assembly. I decided to bolt the two X rails together to make them as ridge as possible. The main gantry image is just a test assembly, I am going to take it apart and make a final assembly. Have a couple clearance issues I need to fix before proceeding.

      2014-09-13 17.28.59.jpg 2014-09-13 17.28.59.jpg 2014-09-13 19.12.09.jpg

      Frame put together with gantry - waiting on GT2 belts and pully's.
      2014-09-16 18.24.03.jpg 2014-09-16 18.24.19.jpg 2014-09-16 18.24.32.jpg 2014-09-16 18.24.56.jpg 2014-09-16 18.27.17.jpg 2014-09-16 18.28.11.jpg 2014-09-16 18.28.26.jpg

      Printed the 80mm angle brackets but during assembly I had a DU moment and realized they were going to get in the way of my gantry Y movement! Here is a picture of them anyway - may use them to mount the frame to the table.
      2014-09-15 00.14.48.jpg
      1. Special Notes

        I have found for lite cutting the 3D printed plates work but for heavy cutting the will flex. Because of this I have just cut new plates that I am in the process of replacing with.

        Smoothieboard - I have had issues working with this board and have replaced it with a USBCNC board. More to come about about that.
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