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      The old cnc machine needed to retire. I decided I needed to go with an OX.

      old cnc1.jpg

      I bought a 3d Printer and I'm utilizing it in this build for custom parts. I made an electronic shelf to hold various boards. I got the idea from DazTheGas build. I also wanted to make my cable connection cleaner and easy to add or remove. I am working on a Plate for that purpose as well. I also like the idea of using a BORE Camera mounted on the Router Mount. I started creating a mount for this as well and will 3d Print these items.

      Moving along with the Build of the 4x4 OX. Still waiting on some bit to finish the build. Bad time trying to get items together. The postal service has lost 1 of my orders and miss delivered another. They don't know where they dropped my box off, yeah. However on the brighter side the build is going well. I'm working on the wiring and tiding up the mess. I have discovered my CNC Breakout Board is not friendly with the HY-DIV268N-5A stepper controllers. I went these mainly for the way they would mount in my Electronics box. I've ordered the Breakout Board that is generally sold with these controllers. More waiting.

      Did some more work on the OX. I got the bed in place now. I added the RGB LED's to the Electronics box, hard to see with the picture. When all the wiring is finished a Lexan cover will go on the Electronics box to keep it clean. Mounted the Router to the Z-Axis. Not sure what to do with the cord. The wire chain I have on the gantry will not accommodate a power cord. May need to go bigger. Plan on adding Bright White LED's to the gantry like I had on the other machine. The Bore Camera is mounted now. Will setup this up in MACH3 and adjust. I came across this nifty tool via one of Tweakies post on here.

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    • CC - Attribution - CC BY

    Reason for this Build

    The old cnc was not accurate enough

    Inspired by

    Mark Carew, DazTheGas OX's, Tweakie
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