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      Been wanting a CNC machine for a while now for various wood and plastics projects. Price is finally within grasp of the DIY'rs.

      Since I am new to the whole thing, going with the standard build components but maybe a little larger: 1500 x 750.

      Was holding off until I could find Gantry Plates. Was able to find some on eBay so order the necessary parts today.


      Making some progress over the pass couple of weeks.

      Decided to make it a bigger so I have plenty of room to handle 24 x 48". Ended using 1000 x 1500.
      2014-10-21 18.35.19.jpg

      2014-10-21 18.35.34.jpg
      Also plan using some angle iron along the side to stiffen up the entire unit. Will be drilling some holes into angle iron for attaching to the side rails with T-nuts.

      2014-10-21 18.36.00.jpg
      I've been watching lots of youtube on sketchup and sketchucam to figure out how to use to drill the holes in the angle iron and make my spoiler board. That is next for this weekend.

      An addition that I thought would come in handy. I put some self-adhesive back ruler from kreg on to the x-axis and y-axis. This allows me to quickly calibrate these axis by using the gantry plate edge as a reference. The ruler fits on the flat section of the v-slot almost perfect.

      2014-11-01 11.31.13.jpg 2014-11-01 11.39.37.jpg
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    Wanted more precision for acrylic work on aquarium projects.
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