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      Update 25/01/17 - The machine is now assembled and cutting! I have been reasonably impressed so far with the general capabilities of the setup. However, @Julius was right in the fact I need to stiffen the Z\X axis. I am getting a lot more torsion than I would have expected. I am not sure if it is coming from the temporary 20x20 uprights, the Z-X axis interface, or the C beam itself. Wherever it is coming from, it is quite a lot.

      I have started machining some new side plates - similar to an OX setup, however this was hard work given the current amount of deflection. The plan was always to replace the uprights, but I was hoping to be able to do this quite quickly. But I am not sure if my current setup will be able to achieve this.

      I am now on the lookout for ideas on how to stiffen the Z\X axis to help me machine aluminium. Any ideas or links to machines would be greatly appreciated!

      Update 28/09/16 - All the parts have arrived - now time to start building!

      I am in the process of building a mill\router based around the C beam sections. Intention is to use the 1m C beams for X & Y axis. All axis to be lead screw driven.

      Initial design (not yet complete) is completely based on OB parts. Ideally the machine will make parts for itself to strengthen and improve.

      X - Z Axis.JPG
      The interface between the X and Z axis is based upon Moag's Mill, with the double XL plates. I suspectthis will be the weakest link in the build, as I am not sure how torsionally stiff the C beam sections are. I expect I will need some extra support to stiffen this area.

      Currently I have 2020 beams supporting the X axis, however I will make some custom side plates, similar to the OX plates, except having lead screw driven Y axis instead of belt.

      As I am based in New Zealand, OB parts are expensive to import - although there is a local distributor. However some of their prices are a bit off the planet, hence I will be sourcing parts from both NZ and USA.

      I am ordering big strong NEMA23 steppers (387oz.in) driven by a Gecko G540. This will give me the flexibility to run the machine a little harder once I improve. Or if need be, transfer the motors to a bigger, stronger mill I build later.

      Any suggestions to help my design will be appreciated!

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    Inspired by

    Moag's Mill, Schematix OX-Metal
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