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      My OX is almost a year old, and there have been a few times that I needed a few more mms in the Y Axis (not a fan of X being any longer than it is at 750mm). I have strengthened X, so adding a little to the Y seemed the natural next step.

      And it was fairly easy and relatively affordable.

      2 - 1000mm 20 x 80 V-Slot Rail
      5 - 1000mm 20 x 40 V-Slot Rail (cut down by 40mm to fit)
      20 - Angle brackets
      80 - M5 x 8mm Low Profile screws
      80 +/- - T-Nuts
      4x4 3/4 Particle Board
      4 - 3/4 x 3/8 t-slot (Amazon)
      4 - 2 x 1/2 Oak boards (to give t-slot screws something to bite into).

      Pretty simple upgrade. Disconnected the existing 750mm rail and inserted the new 1000mm 20 x 80 rail. I put in 5 20 x 40 under the waste board for extra strength and to help retain "flat." Planning to countersink a few 3" screws through waste board into table to adjust flat.

      One word of caution, check the dimensions on the 1000mm rails. they can be off as much as 1mm.
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