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      Purchased a used Samsung electric convection stove/oven from Craig's List to use for my build.
      I think most any electric convection oven would do. I payed $30 for this one as the top cook surface was cracked.
      I removed the bad top and back controls to prep for the printer.

      Decided to deep clean while thinking of best way to implement design, may turn it sideways to have build volume Z axis in the taller direction.
      Of the three heating elements, I will run a test for how hot the back fan/element alone does to heat the oven.
      Can always add elements to the new oriented bottom.
      Will need to remove the door springs with this new position to make it easier to open
      May repurpose the control panel for the printer HMI to the right while filament loading to the left all to be mounted on a custom stand.

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    Reason for this Build

    1st printer- Ender 3 V2 (no enclosure) and saw issues with warped ABS parts,
    2nd, printer- Matterhackers Pulse, purchased for my job with enclosure still had warp issues building larger parts.
    I do not have the 7-10K to shell out for high temperature printer

    This will be my 3rd printer/first build that will be capable of high temperature engineered plastics. for under 1-3K

    Inspired by

    I have not seen this done anywhere and draw inspiration from all the successful builders out there.
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    Qty Part Name Part Link Comments
    1 Samsung Convection Oven Link Bought used on Craig's List, ($30) had bad top surface but oven was good
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