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      My kids and I built this OX CNC Router for use in our various projects. We had a blast building it, it was a lot of fun.

      We pretty much followed Mark Carew's build video and the result is what you see. It took us essentially two weekends to get it all put together, but there were some last minute changes in the selection of electronics and motors which made it stretch out a little longer while we waited for them to arrive.

      Our version of the OX uses the Autek 5-Axis Breakout Board and Stepper Motor Drivers available on Ebay. The motors were also New-Old Stock surplus from Ebay. The physical frame is made from V-Slot Aluminum extrusions and measures 1,500 mm long (Y-Axis) by 1,000 mm wide (X-Axis) by around 300 mm tall (Z-Axis). I haven't measured the height exactly, but the lead screw itself is 300 mm. I'm currently using an el-cheapo ($29 bucks) one-speed (too fast) spindle head from Harbor Freight. But I've just purchased a new Bosch 1617EVS 2-1/4 HP Variable-Speed Router (from Amazon) and a set of mounting plates from Chris Laidlaw (ChrisClub1 on Ebay). I also got the X-Plate, Motor Mounts and Gantry Sides from Chris. You can see he does fine work and I recommend him highly! He's a great guy, very nice.

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    We built this CNC Router to support our various projects in Automation / Electronics / Front-Panel Design / Model Railroading / Other Woodworking Projects

    Inspired by

    Our build was inspired by Mark Carew's OX CNC Router - Thanks MARK !! Also need to give a shout out to Chris Laidlaw (ChrisClub on Ebay) who made the excellent Gantry Sides, Motor Mounts, and other key hardware components! Thanks CHRIS!!
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