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      IMG_2282.jpg This build will evolve as I go..

      Having a go at building a pull tester like the one on CNC Kitchen "OpenPull" project.
      Watch Stefan

      GitHub - CNCKitchen/Open-Pull: DIY Universal Test Machine

      I'm a practical arduino noob so this is a struggle.

      electronics so far;
      Arduino nano
      dq542ma servo drive, can use two if one not enough
      24v PSU
      bluetooth hm10
      microSD card adapter, for arduino
      hx711 board
      300kg load cell

      Trying to go as cheap as possible, I was lucky to score some bits and parts of 45mm extrusions from work. For the pull drive I have a bunch of used direct drive steppers with 1/4" x 16 acme screw nuts. McMaster Carr had the acme screws in 36" lengths for cheap. The steppers proved to be way too weak for this purpose so I use the rotor and bearing from the steppers and fitted a large 88tooth 3D printed spur gear to it and an 11 tooth to some 269ozinch steppers I had. Could not get the rotor off the brass shaft so adapted the gear with the rotor on it (I tried heat and a press! IDK how they have that rotor secured to the shaft!).
      I'm surprised there don't seem to be many people building their own of these and the instructions are very limited.

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    Reason for this Build

    I always wanted something like this, I really enjoyed materials science in school and would like a way to test and record stress graphs for things such as;
    rc airplane spars
    3d print materials and print settings
    balsa bridges
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