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      The OpenBuilds Table Series!
      These tables provide a 100% modular solution to organizing and structuring placement of your CNC Routers, 3D Printers, etc. in your work space.

      While these are modular and you can make your own custom sizes by grabbing the Hardware Kit and connecting in any fashion that works for your application.
      Here is a link to the 3D SketchUp models

      We also offer bundles in standard sizes that work with most common machines sizes and shops.
      So if the table you need is in the list below your good to go!

      OpenBuilds Table Series:
      - 55 Series (720x720mm - 28"x28")
      - 510 Series (720x1220mm - 28"x48")
      - 1010 Series (1220x1220mm - 48"x48")
      - 1510 Series (1220x1720mm - 48"x68")
      - 1515 Series (1720x1720mm - 68"x68")

      Table Series Show and Tell Video

      many_tables in a warehouse.jpg OpenBuilds Modular Table_Series_All_Top.png OpenBuilds Modular Table_Series_lots of tables.jpg Table Series Sizes.jpg

      Get your Tables here!

      'Great for MiniMill sized machines or 3D Printers'

      Parts List for 55 Series:
      OpenBuilds Modular Table_Series_55_Parts.jpg

      55 Series Gallery:
      20200930_071721.jpg 20200930_071921.jpg IMG_9481.JPG

      'Great for ACRO 510 Lasers , larger 3D Printers or Shop Table'

      Parts List for 510 Series:
      OpenBuilds Modular Table_Series_510_Parts.jpg

      510 Series Gallery:

      'Perfect fit for LEAD CNC 1010 sized machines or a large ACRO Laser System'

      Parts List for 1010 Series:
      OpenBuilds Modular Table_Series_1010_Parts.jpg

      1010 Series Gallery:
      1010 Series with LEAD and Table.243.png 1010 Series with LEAD and Table.247.png 1010 Series with machine and enclosure.218.png

      'Great for most mid size CNC machines or shop table'

      Parts List for 1510 Series:
      OpenBuilds Modular Table_Series_1510_Parts.jpg

      1510 Series Gallery:

      'Works great with the LEAD CNC 1515 machine or as a large work table'

      Parts List for 1515 Series:
      1515 Series_Parts.jpg

      1515 Series Gallery:
      IMG_9448.JPG Table_1515_Series.207.png LEAD_1515_Render_Silver_table.201.png Table_1515_Series_front_view.214.png

      All the tables build in the same style with only two main components, the V-Slot and the Inside/outside brackets.
      Please follow along with the 55 series in the build step below to assemble your table substituting the V-Slot frame lengths with your configuration.

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    Reason for this Build

    Just like having the right tool for the job, you also need the right table for the machine or build space, and we have found that having these customizable tables are really a great clean addition to the shop

    Inspired by

    OpenBuilds Modular Enclosure Series
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    Parts list

    Qty Part Name Part Link Comments
    0 Table Series https://openbuildspartstore.com/openbuilds-modular-table-... Link Here is a convenient bundle link for the parts needed on each series of tables
    0 Link
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