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      This is my build of a Co2 Laser
      Cutter. Build supports at least an 80watt laser tube around 1200mm long. It is possible that it could support a large laser wattage but that would be at substantial price increases. Build size is 1500mm x 1000mm x 500mm (about).

      Table with cover extrusion in progress. Controller board we E-Stop, system switches, amp meter, and smoothieboard lcd display (having issues with lcd - cable my be to long or noise from other lines)

      UPDATE: Changed out controller for AWC708c Lite . Really liking this controller and the simplicity of configuring and using it. Had a lot of issues with Smoothieboard - seemed to be some issue with interface to Laser.


      Laser Homing

      First Cut (sort of)

      Build Notes
      Of course much of the build was made out of OpenBuilds materials (aluminum) but I also designed many of the parts myself that were either 3D Printed or cut out using my XO Router table. I have attached the DFX and STL file here is the files section.

      Also included is the export of my build design I did with Fusion 360 in step format. The design is not only about 70% complete but figured I would share.

      Having some serious issues with the Smoothie board. I messed up the first one when I shorted across to it from the 110v side. I ordered a new board and it is basically working now BUT glitches when I am doing an actual run. I have tried all kinds of things trying to isolate the issue but no-go so far. My original thought was I was getting some feedback form the laser system somehow. But I have good grounds, using a shifter between the laser and smoothie inputs so still not sure what is going on. Tried all kinds of configuration changes but that does not work. One major issue I do have that should not be an issue is the Smoothie Board (new) will not flash to a newer version. I have tried all kinds of combinations trying to get it to flash but it will only flash the original version that came with it (was stored in the micro sd). Basic problem is that is does the flash process but then will not start up properly - getting solid led statuses on all 4 lights.

      Anyway - I just ordered another controller board - a real Laser cutting controller that has the split design with led interface and processor module. Anywells AWC708C LITE Laser Controller System for CO2 Laser Cutting/Engraving US. Will update later how that turns out :)

      Back electronics - controller, drivers, 24c power, air pump, laser power, water pump, exhaust fan(not connected yet)

      Smoothieboard and drivers (24volt power supply in back)

      More build pictures
      20161210_193156.jpg 20161210_193021.jpg 20161210_193027.jpg 20161210_193151.jpg 20161210_193057.jpg 20161210_193117.jpg 20161210_193132.jpg 20161210_193138.jpg

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    Build License:
    • CC - Creative Commons Public Domain (CCO 1+)

    Reason for this Build

    Wanted a laser cutter sized to provide decent cutting capabilities at relatively low cost. Cost goal of $2000.
  • Parts list

    Qty Part Name Part Link Comments
    1 80 watt 1200mm laser tube Link
    1 100 watt laser power supply Link
    3 NEMA23 stepper motors Link
    3 Stepper motor drivers Link
    1 Smoothieboard (replaced - not working for me) Link Burned up first one
    1 Water pump Link
    1 Water cooler radiator (computer 120x240) Link
    1 Air pump (air brush size) Link
    1 Water pressure sensor (on/off) Link
    1 AWC708c Lite Laser Controller Board http://www.sztrocen.com/laser-motion-controller/15-awc708... Link Really like this controller along with the software
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