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      OX based with Ooznest plates. 1 meter wide by 1.5 meters long. About 6" Z-axis.
      Large stepper motors are from CircuitSpecialists.Com in Arizona. Nice folks & great prices.

      I'm using Chilipeppr (shareware from John Lauer) and Fusion 360 for CAD/CAM.
      The power supply is 24V; the controller is a TinyG, and the rpm controller is a Super PID from Australia which are all housed in an XBox chassis with twin fans & Eagle fishfinder mount. IMG_0027.JPG

      The main workbench is a Husky 9 drawer which has a tilting table. The table is 4" thick twin X-torsion to resist bending & twist. It is very stiff. The entire assembly tilts so I can move the "robot" to other rooms or out into the garage. IMG_0028.JPG IMG_0030.JPG

      The router is a Dremel tool. The larger one is a PorterCable 690 and has PrecisionBits collets. I'm needing to build an 89 mm mount for it. I also have added a pen holder to the Z-axis by notching the lower Z-axis bearing mount. I am experimenting with Cricut brand pens & adjustable swivel knife. The knife is German made but relatively inexpensive. Cricut parts are at HobbyLobby.

      It runs. I pull out a drawer & put my laptop on it & connect the USB to the controller. Then pull up a chair, sit down & send the G-code. As for other activities ... I have to make limit switch brackets & install them; make a panel face for the XBox chassis; complete the pen & swivel knife clamp & add a stabilizer wheel.
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    Always wanted a CNC machine. I like the Laguna entry level machine but that was >$7,000. Mine is custom built for less than $2,500 thanks to OpenBuilds & open source software.

    Inspired by

    OpenBuilds of course!
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