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      This is my first CNC build. Inspired by tinkering with my open source Lulzbot Taz 3D printer, I decided to pursue building a CNC. I found the Ooznest and was impressed by the design and the thorough supporting documentation. I found limited reference to people attempting to leverage 3D printing to make their gantry plates, so I decided to give it a try and create this build log to share my results.

      For the initial build, I have replaced all aluminum plates in the BOM with 3D printed ABS parts, using the same specified dimensions as the aluminum plates. The parts are printed with 80% infill and a layer height of 0.375mm. The only post-printing I did was to drill the through holes with precision drill pits to ensure accurate and tight tolerances with all the screws.

      Most of the hardware and key electronics were sourced from Open Builds, however I had a fair amount of Amazon gift cards, so I tired to take advantage of those funds and to source components like the power supply, steppers, and router. The NEMA 23 steppers came with 8mm shafts, so have had to make sure to source the coupling and timing pulleys accordingly. I also had a hard time locating 30mm 24V fans, so opted for 40mm fans, which were easier to get. As a result I had to redesign the control board fan riser for the larger fan size.

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    Ooznest Ox
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