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      2021 Sept Update
      I hadn't been using my CNC Router very much mainly because the CNC foam cutter had kept me very busy. My 3d printer is used for many parts that I would have made with the CNC router. I even considered selling it, but I knew I would regret it, so it’s been idle for a couple of years. So it was time to get it going again

      I was using LinuxCNC and Mach3 but after good success with the MKS Gen L Board on my foam cutter, I decided to convert it from the old parallel port to a USB
      The MKS has external connectors for drivers which I already had with a new 24 Volt power supply.
      I've used the GRBL Mega 5X firmware with a few changes and the OpenBuild Control Software. All working well and I've created a post on the website and a video

      My build of the OX in 2016

      After building a hot wire CNC foam cutter I've always wanted to build a CNC router. Well at the end of 2015 I purchased the OX kit for Ooznest. I had thought about sourcing all the parts myself but it looked like l would probably order the wrong parts or not enough, so it was off to Ooznest website. I'd heard good reports and wasn't disappointed when it arrived. Very professional and easy to check all the parts.
      More details at https://rckeith.co.uk/ooznest/

      Here's my video of using LinuxCNC with the OX it can be a bit tricky getting the 2 steppers on the Y-axis working correctly. The video is quite long but goes from start to finish and ends up with a frame for a trocopter drone being made
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