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      I'm making prototype furniture and in my search for a big and durable cnc mill, I decided on an Ox model with minor reinforcements made to ensure strength and stability while cutting harder wood.
      And size does matter guys....but being realistic about it, considering i haven't got a lot of work and living space in my apartment to start with, i landed on a size 1500x1000mm in footprint, now making it impossible for us to have seated dinner guests in the future.

      Originally, i ordered the machine from a local cnc pusher as pre assembled machine, but unfortunately it was very poorly made and 20% of the pieces were missing - a bad deal and a bad start on my computerized milling dream. BUT, i now have the unexpected pleasure of being a part of this wonderful machine making family.

      I ordered the rest of the parts on OpenBuildsPartStore and at my two new local cnc dealers in Denmark Makerssupplies and CNCHobby

      I have assembled the machine, somewhat. The recipe is pretty standard to the kits and bundle packs which can be found in above mentioned dealerships.
      It has be a learning by doing experience making this machine, been watching a lot of youtube videos, to do things right.

      The project is at the moment at a standstill due to ignorance towards the hole computerized numerically controlled part

      Im collecting knowledge and will be back with more building info
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    • CC - Attribution - CC BY

    Reason for this Build

    I'm building this cnc-mill for mainly wood cutting and engraving. Once it's done i'm planning on making prototype furniture.
    Also i'm building this as a learning experience

    Inspired by

    The Open Builds OX CNC Machine by Mark Carew
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