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      Began this project by purchasing two solid core 36" doors from my local building materials recycling store and using them for my table top. Table frame is made from dimensional lumber. I added casters to the bottom that raise the table for moving and lowers the table to the floor when the the machine is being used.

      My son and I assembled the machine over the course of 2 weekends and everything worked correctly from the first power up.

      My first CNC project was to route the OpenBuilds Logo and apply it to my table - as seen in the attached photos and videos

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    Plan is to convert this CNC Router into a multi-use machine that can easily switch between CNC - Large 3D Printer - Laser Engraver. Ultimate plan is to increase the Z Gantry height to 1000mm and using 2 stepper motors for that axis. Plan to use Duet 3D electronics and design my own large 3D print bed. The router attachment will have quick interchange with 3D print head or laser.

    Inspired by

    This is my second OpenBuilds CNC machine. My first CNC machine was built back in 2013 and it was an OpenBuilds OX Build.
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