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      I want a 2X72 Belt Sander for shaping metal. I could get some square tubing but thats not col looking so i will try to make it with OpenBuilds V-Slots.

      This is a rough sketch i drew the other day on this idea.

      From there i got some of the profiles lined up and got this

      From here i need to figure out how to attach everything together. If anyone whats to chime in feel free to do so.

      Today I got to assemble most of it. Still need to figure out how to add the work plate.
      20190323_194255.jpg 20190323_194303.jpg

      Sanded the wheels and added the drive wheel.

      It's aliveeeee. Added a Desktop grinder for the motor. This thing is to fast!!!

      Simplifying the design a bit but just using 40x40 as the base structure and putting the tracking wheel higher so the motor can be closer and have a narrower footprint.
      20190401_191133.jpg 20190401_191148.jpg

      Finished trimming the excess in the back and added the work plate. Got the new zirconia belts and this thing rocks. The half hp motor it's not enough to get the belt running so that's that.
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