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      Just getting started, been testing printed stuff+getting ideas.
      hope to get more done now.

      I'm using open rail on openbeam 15x15 extrusions, both 1meter long for the y axis. 1500mm 20x80mm vslot for the x axis and z axis. I have 26 v wheel's and 2 solids so thats what i'm gonna have to make due with.
      Motors are nema23 270oz and a 3axis driver i picked up off ebay for around 170, so hope they aren't crap, spindle will be a converted 10krpm makita angle grinder if i can make it work right.
      Going to use gt2 belts for now, and might try a multi screw z axis since i have some short m8 stuff.

      The one thing on this build that isn't in short supply is abs plastic, so i'll be printing most of the parts hopefully.

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    Mainly doing this to learn, but really... its a cnc
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