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      Nightfuel is an automated drink dispenser for commercial bars. It consists of a pressurized PVC liquid dispensing system, a horizontal belt drive that transports a glass to different pour locations, and a lead screw drive glass destacker that retrieves one glass each time a user orders a drink using a servo gripper. The structure is built with Actobotics x-rail.

      Both drives are powered by NEMA 17 motors, and the PVC liquid dispensing system is controlled by solenoid valves that provide precise amounts. Everything is powered by a 20V power source and controlled by an Arduino MEGA.

      1.1A NF v8.png Glass platform belt drive.
      1.1A NF v9.png PVC liquid dispensing system.
      1.1A NF v11.png Lead screw glass destacker with servo gripper.
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    I built this because I thought it could solve a big problem in the service industry. I like to create automated solutions with my engineering background.
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