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      This is my first 'stand alone' laser build. Up to this point I have been using my 3D printer with exchangeable modular print head assemblies.
      This project is based pretty much on the Acro Systems platform. Living in 'the great white north' adds a bit of a challenge to getting parts for the system. I had contemplated ordering through the OpenBuilds Store, as the pricing wasnt going to be too bad. Then I thought 'what am I going to get nailed for on duties etc?' I ended up ordering the majority of the OpenBuild parts through the Canadian distributor (they dont have all the parts listed). They had most of the stuff but I had to order the acrylic plates through the OpenBuild store (kudos to the store!!! Fast delivery and service!).
      Any way, this will be an upgradeable platform (laser diode wise) but big enough to handle larger peice of material than my 3D printer will. I have a few more bits coming in but should be fully up and running in the next week. All my bench testing of the electronics has been done and I need to attach my extension cables to the stepper motors etc.
      I'll post more pic upon completion :)
      LaserGRBL Test pix
      Stepper Motor testing
      CNC Shield and Arduino testing
      Monitoring the output channel to the Laser module
      Open Builds Parts Store parts! well not the drag chain

      This weekend, this build will be finished. Fun project and worked as designed ..... Thanks Open Builds Store!

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    Wanted my 3D printer back ;)
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