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      IMAG0068.jpg I am new to CNC. Never had any thing to do with it till I built a 3d printer. Got the urge to build bigger.
      Bought a Workbee 1000mm X 750mm frame from China( I buy a lot of stuff from China). It had NEMA 23 steppers with it. I started the build in my basement and decided to use an old table I had there, I used 1 X 6 lumber as you can see in the photo.
      I bought an STB5100 USB controller, 4- Tb6600 stepper drivers, and a lot of other parts from China.
      I gutted one of my computers to use in this project and mounted it in the drawer I built under the table.
      All the power supplies are mounted in the drawer too along with all connections to the Workbee.
      I have it built, but it does not work, no communication between controller and computer is my guess.
      I'll keep trying, maybe get some help from someone who lives nearby, Glassboro, NJ. Anyone?
      Decided to change the controller to Openbuilds Blackbox.
      Got the black box and installed it. Removed the tb6600 drivers and stb 5100. Got the end stops adjusted and motor put on. It is up and running, working very well, but now I have to get some files to cut out. I found out that is no easy task! It seems like you have to get all files and convert to run. Not so good for me.

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    My wife said NO.

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    a 3d printer, no help, although I could use some
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    1 Workbee 1000mm X 750mm frame Link
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