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      So, I originally was going to build a CNC from PVC. When I started to look more deeply into the project, I found the cost to be about the same as building one using Open Builds Parts.

      The CNC I ended up building is the 1000x1000 mm shown in the pictures. It cost just under $1000 to build and came together very nicely. It is basically 4 open beam lead screw kits.

      I used a dewalt variable speed router. The machine is run using the arduino controller. It was very easy to wire up and get working. Just needed a few tweeks and all worked perfectly in about 20 minutes.

      For the first test, I used Easel by Inventables and was able to run a couple things straight away.

      A friend of mine who does camp signs on the side saw the maching and liked it so I sold it to him at cost and am now on to making my next CNC. This one will be an OX. 1000x1500 mm.

      Will post pictures when done.

      So....I alread have the new OX started. Main Machine is all put together. Time to order controller and power supply.

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