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      Hi All!

      I am sure you have seen thousands of prusa builds, but I thought id show you all any how

      This project started when I bought a cheap eBay CTC prusa. Surprisingly, it went wrong very quickly.

      But please don't judge, I was new to this technology then.

      I decided within a week that it was rubbish... and it started.

      So, in brief, this is a run out of what I have done

      - New Prusa Steel frame
      - New carriage ways
      - New motors, wiring etc
      - Machined a J Mount for the new extruder
      - New E3D hot end
      - Bowden - Gone away from the rubbish direct drive
      - Gutted a old dell case
      - Mounted din connectors and power socket the back of the case
      - Built all the insides up to mount everything neatly
      - Machined a block/pipe styled heat sink and modified my extruder (nearly cried turning all the fins of a £100 extruder)
      - Set up liquid cooling on the system

      Since then (photos are out of date) I have switched to a 32 Bit RADDS board, along with a multitude of other changes. I am planning to switch to optic limiters and fitting a touch probe to it, when changing to the aluminium heat mat bed.

      I am in the process of manufacturing bungs for my filament spool to sit on centrally.

      Please be kind, this is my first build. I basically threw away everything from the original bought... thing.

      I ran my first print on this (haven't uploaded a photo yet) and it was superb in terms of measure and quality. Any feedback/criticism is welcome.

      I have added a copy of my radds firmware (working well) to hopefully help some people. The firmware is well support but finding answers to problems is difficult. I will be happy to share my experience setting this up with anyone :)

      Thanks for looking.


      Progress Update 01/03/18

      Titan/Lite6 Assembly to replace the old V6

      Performance has been considerably improved.


      Progress Update 03/01/19

      A lot changed. New cabinet (3 phase electrical box) that I have adapted. Got rid of the water cooling as unnecessary.

      Switched to mosfets and running a second power supply to help feed power.

      Installed a bed probe, updated bearing blocks and will shortly be switching to screws on the y and x axis.
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