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      #Openbuilds 2.jpg #Openbuilds 3.jpg #Openbuilds 4 .jpg This is an Openbuilds 1010 build that was started by a friend, then I bought it and finished it up as well as making a few changes to its original design. The base was configured in a way that allowed me to achieve a Higher Z Clearance using the materials that I had already available. I built the table that its sitting on specifically for this setup. I made a box for the electronics, from .25" Cast Acrylic which I designed and cut with my 35 watt Epilog Laser. This box has an exhaust fan that pulls in fresh air through octagon shaped openings that I cut into the acrylic and thru a filter and then out thru the fan at the other end of the electronics box. I installed a receptacle box behind the Z Axis for an easy to get to point for plugging the router in. In addition, I also added another bracket for securing the router, this has helped in maintaining that the Z remained at 90 degrees. I also added the Interface Controller, however I do switch back and forth from it and the PC Controller as needed. I'm now looking into either building a 4' x 8' machine or purchasing an Industrial Class Machine, so that I can work with larger projects. The Industrial would mean upgrading my power to 3 Phase for cost effectiveness. This is a fun machine to work with, and has allowed me to expand my processing capabilities with my business.

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    Reason for this Build

    I wanted to be able to do woodworking, that I was currently unable to do with the current equipment that I had in my shop.

    Inspired by

    The various type of signage that could be created with a CNC Router, was the most influential reason for purchasing this machine.
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