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      This is actually a dream come true for me. I'm a licensed mechanical engineer who has been doing facilities design in the process industries (i.e. chemical plants, refineries, offshore platforms) for 25 years. However, my true love is machine design using CAD/CAM. So, now I'm doing it as a hobby.

      This is a stock MiniMill with limit switches on all 3 axis and a Makita RT0701C router. I chose the Makita because of its range of speeds, which I think will be an advantage. Everything seems to be working as designed and I look forward to making some chips. I also have grand plans to make it bigger by expanding the travel for all 3 axis and strengthening the structure. I'm going to get my hands dirty with it as is and expand it some time next year.

      I chose to mount the power supply and electronics piggy back style by creating a standoff structure. I also chose to mount the xPRO V3 controller in an enclosure with power switch on the enclosure.
      IMG_0814.JPG IMG_0815.JPG
      1. Special Notes

        I plan to add electronics to start/stop my router and to start/stop an air/lubricant mist.
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    I always wanted to work with CNC machinery

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    None. This is my first.
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