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      IMG_0368.JPG Here is my first, and hopefully not my last, OX type CNC router build. I choose to purchase a kit from the good folks at OOZNest.

      I must confess that their kit has exceeded any and all of my expectations. All of the parts were neatly packaged, clearly labelled and not a single bit was missing.

      The instruction manuals were absolutely spot on. Clearly written, concise, and all of the imagery was crisp and clear. Kudos for the team that put them together.

      The couple of times I had a question the OOZNest folks responded quickly and happily answered any and all queries no matter how trivial.

      The entire build took me about fourteen or fifteen hours in total, and I was taking my time. If I had been in an hurry I could probably have accomplished in in ten or so hours.

      At first I was leery about purchasing a somewhat complicated machine in kit form, fearing receiving a mountain of bits and bobs without any suitable documentation. As soon as I opened the package it could tell that great care had been taken to insure my success.

      The best part was the economical factor. By purchasing my new router in kit form I was able to afford a much larger machine than I could have had I bought a ready built router.

      My one concern is this:

      This is my first timing belt driven CNC router build. In the past a always went with ball screw type of drives. I will be interested to see what type of tolerance I can hold with it. I am gambling that it will be tight enough to not only cut out my ukulele parts, including fretboards and braces, but to also cut my abalone and the corresponding pockets for the inlay work I wish to incorporate into my designs. I will find out soon enough.

      I would appreciate it if any one reading this who has worked with the same machine can tell me about their experiences regarding holding somewhat tight tolerances

      There you have it,
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