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      Gantry plates, router mount and dust collector:
      SAM_1291.JPG SAM_1290.JPG
      All those parts have been bought from chrisclub at ebay. Good price for very high quality parts :)

      Z home and limit switch:

      I bought a manetic sensor at Digikey (59065-040 (sensor) and 57065-000 (magnet)) and I designed a holder for the sensor and the magnet. You can download the .skp file I used.

      SAM_1287.JPG SAM_1286.JPG
      My OX CNC is controled with Mach3 software (I am sill learning how to use this complexe software). I build a box for the big stepper driver, power supply and parallel port breakout. If I had to do it again, maybe I will go for a more simple solution and use a GRBL controler.

      For the bed, I used three 20x80 (1000mm) v-rail. I am now building some clamps to hold the material. For now, the bed is 500mm x 1000mm but I'm planning to enlarge my machine to 1000mm by 1000mm in the futur.

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