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      I recently bought this machine used on eBay when I was looking to acquire a machine that is capable of cutting and carving aluminium.


      The machine already has a few modifications and is using the OpenBuilds BlackBox Motion Control System which was an option I really wanted as part of my machine build.


      The previous owner had also made a start on a modified Z-axis which I will look into completing, some parts are 3D printed which I will replace with plates that I will source or cut on this machine.


      As soon as it arrived I bought the OpenBuilds INTERFACE and also got the parts together in order to build the INTERFACE Mounting Kit.

      I want to look at adding a laser module to the machine pretty soon in order to cut thin board and plastics, having the BlackBox should make this pretty easy from what I've read so far.

      I have a lot of experience with electronics and making in general, I have a number of FDM and resin 3D printers, a vacuum forming machine and have the Mayku Multiplier on order.

      I have also been modelling parts in SketchUp Pro for a few years now and I am happy to find that I can use the SketchUcam plugin for this machine.

      This is my first CNC router which I plan to use for machining robotic components, prop making for films and numerous other projects I have in mind.

      I would like to convert the machine to the C-Beam XL size in order to be able to cut larger items, as I get used to the machine I will make a start on the changes and update this accordingly.


      UPDATE 18 February 2022: After looking around and not wanting to pay massive prices for a laser module, I decided to try the NEJE A40630 with a NEJE MF8 manual air assist.


      For around £122 ($167) this looks like it should do what I need it to do without the huge expense of other laser modules.

      I plan to run this from the existing power supply so will use something like this to convert the 24v to 12v for the laser if that works out.


      I may add a pneumatic solenoid valve if the manual air assist is annoying but it probably won't be an issue.

      I already have a small compressor so that will probably suffice.


      Update 7th March 2022

      Before I 3D print a mount for the laser module I've cracked on and built the mount for the INTERFACE.

      IMG_7113.jpeg IMG_7114.jpeg IMG_7115.jpeg

      I bought a generic magnetic phone mount on Amazon which was only a few pounds, it works nicely.

      As I had to pop open my BlackBox to determine the version in order to set up for the INTERFACE, I had a good look at it to find the easter egg and then today I cracked the code (or just got lucky)!

      Screenshot 2022-03-07 at 22.32.19.png

      Unfortunately, the website stated that there were no codes left but I read on the forum that it had happened before and an email to OpenBuilds support got it sorted so I did the same and was happy to hear that I could indeed get the G-H-O-S-T and pay for shipping.

      As I wanted an XYZ Touch Probe Plus, which I can't seem to get hold of in the UK, it made sense to order this at the same time.

      Looking forward to sporting a BlackBox in the GhostCase and having a perfect 0,0,0 on my C-Beam.

      If only they did a G-H-O-S-T INTERFACE.

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    Reason for this Build

    I have been building robots and film props for a number of years now, having a CNC machine has been on my list for some time.
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