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      Acro 1515 with additional Extrusion frame to allow overhead rigging support.
      Upgraded 2.2amp Nema 17 Motors for X & Y
      Nema 17 Linear Z-Axis with Sensorless Homing
      Nema 17 Non Captive Lead Screw with 3D printed bracket for Syringe Pump.
      I designed and printed some brackets to get a McMaster Carr drag chain mounted.
      CONTROLLER: BTT SKR 1.4 TURBO, BTT TFT24, TMC5160 Drivers
      Customized Marlin 2x Firmware
      IMG_3499.jpg IMG_3500.jpg IMG_3501.jpg IMG_3502.jpg
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        ¡Viva Mustardo!
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    Why did I build this? With all of the food commercials that we shoot, I felt that once tested and with good results; we could show some sexy shots to our clients and they would for sure want to integrate it into some commercial content... Also because I'm a saucy guy.

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    Pancake Printer Bot
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