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      How it all started

      Along about Oct. 1, 2014 first see OX and get the idea to build.

      I’ve been wanting to do this for….. let’s see, over eight years now? What’s kept me from doing it, you ask? Well, space for one thing, money, of course, and maybe time…. a little. What’s changed? Nothing, really. I still have a big MESS in the garage. But I can’t, nor want to give up any of the tools I have…yet. I found this cute little (as my wife would say) CNC router at www.openbuilds.com called the OX CNC MACHINE and KNEW it was mine (and would fit in a small space).

      Oct. 17, 2014 first parts were ordered from OPENBUILDS PARTSTORE.
      Also ordered the aluminum plates from Chris Laidlaw (Blue Ox Solutions) at his eBay store. Chris does beautiful work and I highly recommend him! Oh! And he's fast on the shipping too!

      Oct. 21, 2014 first parts show up, Chris plates, of course.

      Then a few days later the OpenBuilds parts show up and we started assembly.

      Decided I needed to bond X-axis extrusion together. So out come's the 3D printer and with the file from Openbuils RESOURCES (http://www.openbuilds.com/resources/v-slot-connector.40/) you get
      thesis and they do a excellent job!
      IMG_4060.JPG IMG_4064.JPG IMG_4068.JPG

      X-axis ready to go.

      Now into Nov. and time to move out in the garage.
      Most say no way it takes this long to build, I had just had a whole lot of family things going on.

      Dec. 18, 2014 Musk-OX come's to life!!
      IMG_4173.JPG IMG_2765.JPG
      And after a little help form Joy (wife).

      That gets us to 2015. Promise, I will try get a little more info up soon.
      For a few more pictures head on over to: www.larrysalaska.com

      Thanks for looking!

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    1 Breakout Board & 4 TB6600HG Stepper Motor Driver http://www.ebay.com/itm/4-Axis-CNC-Router-DIY-Kit-5-Axis-... Link These have worked great once I wired them right.
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