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      - MULTI - Z - ADD ON -
      FOR THE L E A D 1 5 1 5


      Get your Multi Z Today

      Once again, OpenBuilds takes it to the next level with the Multi Z Add-On
      We are putting the power of production in your hands!

      This Add-On rivals what's only been previously available on commercial CNC machines.

      Cost effective solution to double and even triple your workflow!

      "In the same amount of time it takes to cut and carve a single project you could have three using this duplication method!"
      The Multi Z addon takes full advantage of the extremely ridged X axis of the LEAD 1515 CNC machine that incorporates a double C-Beam Linear Rail system as well as precision lead screws coupled with a tension system for the absolute maximum in performance.

      Bringing all these elements together with the ability to produce up to 3X the outcome and you have a
      high-performance large CNC platform that is on par with industrial production levels.​

      The Multi Z Add-On is a game changer. It's stepping out ahead of the rest taking the hobby cnc market to a new production cnc standard!

      3-4 background removed.png
      LEAD 1515 X2 Add On_Render_v1.172.png


      Multi Z2 Double Z Gallery
      X 23” x 2 (585 mm x 2) Y 49” (1250mm) Z 3.5” (90mm)

      z2_3quarter.png z2_BACK.png z2_FRONT.png z2_TOP.png z2_RIGHT.png z2_LEFT.png

      Multi Z3 Triple Z Gallery
      X 15” x 3 (390 mm x 3) Y 49” (1250mm) Z 3.5” (90mm)

      z3_3quarter.png z3_BACK.png z3_FRONT.png z3_TOP.png z3_RIGHT.png z3_LEFT.png
      3-4 background removed_V2.png

      OpenBuilds® Triple-Z Add-on
      OpenBuilds® Double-Z Add-on

      Get your Multi Z Today
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    Build License:
    • CC - Attribution Share Alike - CC BY SA

    Reason for this Build

    We designed addon to help customers who are making with their machines, produce more without the added cost of a new machine and more time.

    Inspired by

    LEAD CNC Machine
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    1 MULTI-Z ADD-ON bundle https://openbuildspartstore.com/multi-z-add-on-for-lead-1... Link Part Store Addon Link
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