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      A little over a year ago I began exploring an idea to cover a wall-mounted 55” flat-screen TV with a canvas painting that would drop down below the screen and sound bar when viewing, then move up to cover the equipment when not in use. (See two photos.) It was important the mechanism be easy to relocate, requiring only a wood stud for attachment and a nearby electrical receptacle. To update those interested, I've assembled and installed a unit that has now completed ~300 complete up-and-down cycles. There have been no problems to date.

      In a nutshell:

      1. I vertically mounted a lead screw linear actuator (OpenBuilds C-Beam X-Large 1000mm) where the gantry car is fixed to the wall, and the structural beam travels.

      2. In order to have the actuator beam stand clear of the TV, I mounted two 2” x 6” wood blocks onto the drywall and into a wood stud, then fastened the gantry car onto the blocks.

      3. Power is supplied by a geared DC motor stabilized by an aluminum bracket I fabricated and attached to the bottom end mount of the actuator.

      4. To the top end mount I fastened a 1/8” x 1-1/2” aluminum angle, which receives the canvas frame. (Photo depicts early proof of concept canvas & frame.) Two (2) nylon drywall anchors mounted on the angle serve as pins corresponding to holes in the wood frame to prevent it from slipping off, while allowing it to be easily lifted away.

      5. A wood molding (1” x 4” sides; 1” x 2” top/bottom) completes the 20-lb. assembly (actuator, angle, motor, switches, canvas, frame, and molding).

      6. Motor control is through a DPDT rocker switch w/speed control mounted in a plastic project box behind one vertical leg of the frame. (See photo of box.)

      7. A limit switch with diode (to allow reverse travel) is mounted at each C-Beam extremity. (See photo.)

      From a distance of ten feet, the sound during travel is the equivalent of a loud whisper, roughly 28dB.

      I found the OpenBuilds website to be very well presented, helpfully detailed, and reliable. The equipment I received was of high quality, at a fair price. Have recommended them to others. And Thank You to the gentlemen who contributed to my early-on inquiries. Your efforts were appreciated.
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    • CC - Attribution - CC BY

    Reason for this Build

    Didn't like seeing the TV on the living room wall.

    Inspired by

    I originally posted this idea here: Mechanism to Move Artwork to Cover Wall-Mounted TV. Thank you to those who contributed their helpful ideas!
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