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      Finally getting this machine started. This build will be using OpenBuilds gear for most of it.

      Goal for the machine is to print in four or more materials for the Oregon Tech - Wilsonville campus 3D fabrication lab.

      The Laut3k is my basic start point, adjusting for the size and gear that we already had.

      Extruders will be one Volcano and one or two more E3D V6 for the flexible filaments. We are also looking at (hopefully) a generic mount for X that will let us swap out the extruder packages so we can try some paste or food printing down the line.

      A long X axis should keep the build plate movement as small as possible.

      This is our previous large printer "Igor". 14" X 14" bed with lots of room in Z. Lots of newbie mistakes, so print quality was always only so/so. :-/

      This is the original i3 Prusa style that got the crew hooked on 3D printing.

      Current printer that will be making the printed parts for Monster. Makerfarm 12" i3v still in "stock" configuration. It will get a threaded rod Z, Itty Bitty Flex dual extruders, enclosure and other mods as we go.

      OpenBuilds parts are here! :)

      Making progress over the weekend. Both linear rails put together but realized that the Nema 23 motors need to have the old gears pulled off so I can mount the coupling. I'm also thinking once the gears are off that I might have non-standard shafts. :-/ So another round of scrounging for correct parts.

      I'm trying to make sure that the printer will actually fit out the door of the apartment once the basic build is done and get it to the Prototyping Lab at Oregon Tech. Hard to get a lot of work done on the printer at school between 50+ hours of work and limited lab open hours. So most of the build will be here.

      This is most of the gear for the printer.

      I'm going to use an Azteeg X3 Pro to run the machine. It has enough drivers to get us up to five extruders, though we will likely start with just two or three.

      Here is the heated bed. 14" X 20" with A/C heaters and some copper tape to help spread the heat. These heaters are re-purposed from a work project a few years back.

      This is the likely layout for the Y axis. I have mostly 1" X 2" 8020 extruded stock, so I'm having to get a little creative with how things are going together. Hoping I can get a build plate made that will support the glass and use V-slot wheels and rail to support out at the edges. A significant amount of force sometimes has to be used to remove prints from the bed and I want to protect it as much as I can.

      Looks like the best option is to grab some 40X40 for the uprights. That long 1000mm linear rail is going to be a beast.

      I'm going to run the cabling so that all the power supplies and electronics are outside the main build. The enclosure for the main build area will be enclosed and get fairly warm once we are printing.

      The next week should be getting that Y axis firmed up and motors mounted.

      So much for using the aluminum extrusions I already had. :-/

      The 8020 1" x 2" just won't play nice with the 20mm V-slot. So I'm going to have to rethink the frame. Worked on it some on Sunday an it is starting to come together. I'm having to learn Sketchup along the way, which isn't what I'd wanted to do, but... eh. At least I'm making a little progress and sorting out the mounts for the Z axis, which I'd been overlooking. The motor mounts and bearing mounts should get puzzled this week. Not as straightforward as I thought they were going to be.

      More pictures later today or tomorrow, depending on how late work runs.

      I also overheated the extruder motor on my iV3 12" Makerfarm. :-/
      So it is a good time to do the dual extrusion upgrade and rework the harness. I have an enclosure thrown together for the Makerfarm machine and I want to move the power supply and electronics outside to prevent any overheating issues.

      Working on drawing Monster up in Sketchup so I can pull together a parts list to order the gear I don't have yet. Going to be more money than I was planning on. Really bummed that the 8020 didn't work better. At least now everything will be in metric.

      I'll toss up the Sketchup file I have so far. It has a bunch of samples in it still that I haven't deleted. I clean those out once I'm sure I have the right parts in place.

      This thing is going to be a real beast of a printer. :)

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    Reason for this Build

    We want to have a printer to support senior projects and student projects. Also working on supporting 3D printing needs in the local community.

    Inspired by

    Laut3k builds really helped gel the way the stages are going to work. Laut3k, Fina
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