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      This is a build still in the prototype stage. The initial design is being used to control a 4 axis sample change, but the PCBs when finalized will be able to be adapted as a convenient way to wire stepper (or eventually hybrid stepper) drivers to which ever controller you happen to be using. Current developments center around an Arduino Mega, although more interfaces are planned in the future. The main design centers around the use of Phoenix Connectors.

      My experience with CNC thus far is that wiring has been the source of most of my headaches and accounted for almost 40% of the build times on some of my builds. With this in mind and inspiration from the MKS Ramps 1.4 and the upcoming Apex board from Openbuilds I began to design a pcb circuit that would allow a simple plug in interface for stepper drivers on projects at work. When I create a system it may be used for a few days, a few months, or 40 years. The burden to wire a project that was only going to be used in an experiment for a few days that would take longer than that to design and implement is frankly a waste of my time as a lab resource. Having a design that is adaptable and readily deployed within a day or so means that more time can be spend developing long term custom projects and less focus on simple wiring. With my coworker, EE and rockstar Mike we have developed a working prototype and have began the process of ordering a prototype run of PCBs.

      With that and the amount of help I have gleaned from OpenBuilds it is only right to release these designs to the community so that perhaps more time can be spend using the technology to do what we want to do creatively and not fabricating our tools.

      As soon as the files are ready I will post them here, but in the mean time I would love to hear feedback on the concept, and ideas for expansion. Thanks!

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    I hate wiring things

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