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      MiniMill grows up!


      As shown, the MMXL has a build area of 10.25" x 16". I will use it in this configuration to mill a custom Y-gantry plate that is 216mm x 390mm (see files section for the DXF). This plate will ride on 4 pairs of V-Wheels. Mimicking the C-Beam machine, using 6mm spacers and a sub-base of 490mm, I will get 610mm of travel and a build length of 19.25" (without any cantilevering exceeding what the C-beam machine does). However, my aim is to use a spoiler that is cantilevered beyond that by a couple of inches on each end to take advantage of the full travel (but used for routing wood only).

      The build uses most of the parts of the MiniMill, and the build is very similar to the C-Beam Machine. The video below is an Overview describing the motivation, how the MM parts are used, and the build.

      I have around 3 hours of build video I have yet to edit, but if you watch the video above for the ideas, and watch the C-Beam Machine build video, you should be able to build this easily.

      To build as configured above, you will need (1) MiniMill, and the following additional parts:
      (1) OpenBuilds Universal Build Plate
      (1) 1000mm C-Beam
      (1) 1000mm (1040) 8mm Lead Screw
      (2) 1000mm 20x60 V-Slot (each cut to 389mm/610mm)
      (2) Extreme V-wheel kits
      (2) 25mm M5 screws
      (12-16) 8mm M5 screws
      (6) T-nuts
      (10-14) Cast Corner Brackets
      (1) 4-6" scrap of 20x"any" V-Slot

      I will try to get more video posted, but am happy to answer any questions in the discussion section. Here a few more photos.



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    Build License:
    • CC - Attribution Share Alike - CC BY SA

    Reason for this Build

    I have a particular item that I plan to "mass-produce" with this mill. It will be milled from 1" hardwood, and has a final dimension of 7" x 22". (But the mill will still be useful for many other things, including aluminum plates.)

    Inspired by

    C-Beam Machine
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