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      This is another thing you can do with vslot rails ..
      Since some time i'm playing with graphic cards to do crypto mining.
      I'm mining Ethereum , monero , electroneum ...
      When you have a lot of cards it's difficult to put your cards properly .
      So i try many solutions with vslot rails.
      Currently , i have 43 graphics cards , and all my rigs are made with openbuilds parts.
      I hope my rigs can give you some ideas to build yours
      All parts came from vslot-europe.com
      If you need advice , just ask on the forum , i will be happy to help you ( only about the rig , not about mining setup , graphic cards or other mining things , because it is not the place here )

      rig7.jpg rig6.jpg rig5.jpg rig4.jpg rig2.jpg vega rig.jpg
      mining rig 6 cartes2.jpg
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    Needs strong frame to support all my graphiccards
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