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      The standard D-bot uses a 200x300x325 build area. This is larger than I need (or am allowed) so I opted to reduce the build to 200x200x225. I could have used another design, but having already built a full-sized D-bot for a local makerspace, I decided to stick with what I know.

      I have already decided to include some changes to the original design. I am using three wheeled Z guides as well as Y guides. The initial build with utilize two Z motors but I will be quickly replacing them with a single motor, two screw design to eliminate misalignment. I am also using a different electronics/wiring routing method than the original D-bot guide. I want everything hidden behind the back of the printer.

      Update 10/30/17

      Uploaded another BOM. I forgot that I used aluminum corner brackets instead of the printed ones. Those have been added to the BOM.

      Also added a sheet for printed and laser cut parts. Printed parts all have links where to get them. The laser parts will be uploaded as soon as I change them to an extension that works here.

      Update 10/29/17

      I have uploaded the BOM. The hardware portion might be a little off. I already had several M3 and M5 bolts when I decided to build this. My suggestion is to order extras of the M5 in sizes below 20mm and M3 below 10mm.

      BOM for printed parts coming soon. I'm using three wheeled brackets for the bed and X gantry.

      I am in the process of installing a front rail for the bed. This will stiffen the bed up and hopefully stop it's desire to tilt as it is printing. I'll be uploading pictures for that when I'm done.

      Pictures for how I mounted my electronics also coming soon. I did not follow the standard build guide for that portion. I wanted them mounted behind a plate so they couldn't be seen.
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    I've wanted a 3d printer at home for some time. I've been using the ones at my local makerspace for the last two years but dislike the idea of leaving my prints unchecked while printing. With a printer at home, I can start it any time and check on it through the day/night.

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