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      I want to add Duet WiFi, maybe a Smart effector, Titan Aero extruder, linear rails or keep it delrin, 600mm or over 10mm carbon fiber magnetic arms or ballcup arms with SeemeCNC ball arms, some .09 motors and 24V supply for all, AC power for the bed. Will probably do DC42's probe.
      I may modify my cad files to make the plate slightly bigger and add channels on the outside perimeter to be able to slide on acrylic plates to enclose it.
      1. Special Notes

        I will call it "MegaDelta"
        Here are the original Tevo plate CAD files with all their dimensions.
        Here are my CAD files, both in Autocad2000.
        You have a choice of either MIC6 heat bed in 530 diameter, 500 printable area <OR> a heat bed spacer plate that will hold a full printable 20" tempered glass you can get on Amazon ~$50 like the stock Tevo setup.
        I am going to get my plates done in a few weeks, prolly .375" = 9.5mm thickness and build it with either 1200 or 1500mm C-beams which will give me roughly between 550-850mm build height.
        Please!!! anyone look over my file for mistakes but I couldn't find any, please followup if they look OK.
        I left out all the extra holes on the top plate from the OEM setup and will drill and tap my own as needed.
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    Got tired of my Rostock Max v2 and all its quirks and I hated the Wood/Melamine laminate frame.
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