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      Introducing ME - Mini
      This project is clearly inspired by the famous Prusa Mini, I decided to move forward with the design of this machine as a challenge for myself, find obstacles and challenges to solve, enrich my knowledge and thus create a machine that we can all take advantage of...
      • Print area 180 x 180 x 180 mm
      • Total size of 370 x 330 x 370 mm
      • Removable 4.3 inch captive touch display
      • Removable sheet metal table covered with PEI for easy part removal
      • Board Makerbase MKS Gen L v2.1 with silent TMC2209 drivers
      Controller board
      In this printer i use the MKS board SGEN_L V2.0, it's a powerful 32-bit 3D printer control board. It has a 120MHZ LPC1769 CPU, integrated SGEN_L V2 hardware 4KB EEPROM, 5 axes and dual Z interface and 12/24V output fan interface, support TMC UART and SPI mode...

      For more information about this board you can consult the official page Makerbase as well as the page GitHub.

      If you want to buy this board please use my affiliate link, it helps my project a lot - Link to AliExpressMakerbase as well as the page GitHub.

      Touch screen display model
      For display use the MKS H43 is a 4.3 inch high definition IPS screen with a resolution of 800 * 480 and uses a captivating touch screen

      You can also find more information about this display on the official page Makerbase as well as the page GitHub.

      To download the STL files go to ME - Mini 3D Printer by EdgarMata or PrusaPrinters
      Warning, Note that all the content here is work that is still in development and can be changed without prior notice, so proceed at your own risk...
      1. Special Notes

        For more information you can visit
        ME - Mini

        You can help support my work by purchasing the full model here:
        ME - Mini 3D Sketchup Model
        Or here:
        Me-mini Printer 3D Sketchup Model | Etsy

        Or just send me a beer: Pay José Edgar Sousa Mata using PayPal.Me
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    Inspired by

    Prusa Mini
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