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      The build is by no means in a presentable

      state... the main features aren't even in. I'm posting this this early because I would like to get feedback from other, more experienced, users. I know this is an ambitious project (at least for me) that requires a lot of thinking. I'm sure that I will make horrible mistakes (I've probably already done something that made someone spill his coffee) but I hope that with the help of the community I can complete this build and maybe give some ideas to other people too.

      Main features:
      - 3dprinter in ABS/PLA with direct extruder
      - cnc machine for cutting wood and metal
      - laser cutter for plexiglass and wood engraving
      - 3d scanner (hmmm... having second thoughts)
      - easy switchable heads (drill, laser, extruder)
      - swappable platforms (replace heatbed with wood platform for milling, cutting, etc)
      - heatbed made out of 4 smaller ones (possibility to choose which/how many heat up?)
      - big work area

      I might build a full fledged computer inside of it too with a monitor, keyboard and a mouse for easier control.

      Please, share your opinion about this project. Too much? All wrong? Should I hide under the sheets in shame?

      bed back.png bed front.png cable management.png exctruder back.png extruder front.png extruder lat.png front.png gen.png upperview.png

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        I'm by no means an expert. Whatever you may see that doesn't make sense is most probably an error that I overlooked or didn't think through. Please notify me if you encounter anything that can/should be improved or completely changed. Thank you.
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    Reason for this Build

    Why do I want to build this? Well... there are many reasons:
    The first one is that I want a 3d printer with a big printing area and without critical plastic parts that break after a certain point in time. Also, a more robust structure should allow for faster prints than my current, homemade, printer.
    Second, I'm also a modder at heart. I like to create but It's hard without the appropriate tools. Plexiglass and alluminium are pretty common materials for modding but I don't have anything to make clean cuts.
    Third, I think it's gonna be a lot of fun and a great opportunity to learn new things. (I've never built a cnc machine or a laser cutter).

    Inspired by

    I was insipired by the countless awesome builds I've seen on this awesome site!