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      cbeam 3d_1.jpg
      I am proud to present you my new toy .. Of course based on openbuild products ..
      I have been inspired by the C-beam machine that Marc just presented us.
      I have replaced the ball screw by belts on X and Y axes for faster movements.

      Printing area : aroud 380mmx400mm
      Bed Autoleving with capacitive sensor
      PSU : 24 V 17A
      Controler : Rambo Board
      Hotend : E3D V6 and Chimera ( soon..)
      Extruder : 2 x bowden Maxtruder
      Material : PLA / ABS
      Heated bed : 400x380 , 24V ,200W ( not order yet )
      Steppers : 4 nema 17 and 2 geared nema 17 for extruder

      The first movement were made yesterday , i will post a video for the first print.
      I hope that you appreciate its aluminum and glass style.

      cbeam 3d_2.jpg

      cbeam 3d_3.jpg
      cbeam 3d_1.jpg

      I just received the 400x380 mm glass , i will try to setup the autolevel this afternoon.
      I also make some brackets to fix the glass ( i will post stl and dxf files)

      Test of the autolevel :

      Glass Brackets :
      IMG_20150918_134511.jpg IMG_20150918_134531.jpg IMG_20150918_134534.jpg

      First Print ( without fan to cool printed part and without heated bed )
      This is the real speed , this is why i love openbuilds products , it can be fast and accurate at the same time

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    Reason for this Build

    Need big printing area ...

    Inspired by

    Cbeam Machine , Maximus XL 3D Printer