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      After a Prusa I3 , a Mendelmax 2 , a Vslot Kossel , i decide to build my own 3D printer based on openbuild products,
      This 3D printer is fully scalable , so if you need a big printing surface you can build it.
      Attention , this work is in progress ...

      14799163954_86f16481a8_o (1).jpg 14801509565_5fcfc74fac_o.jpg

      The Ramps 1,4 board was remove . I prefer the Rambo 1,2d Board.

      video of the first movements

      First prints are pretty good , on a 7 hours print ... no problem :)
      I'm uploading the first print video on you tube .. stay in touch

      My first big print is finished ...

      My video is coming , but it is pretty long to upload due to my poor 2MB connection :-(

      Video is avalable ... Enjoy

      dimensional test ...Done; OK
      Overhang test ...done ; OK
      Bridge test ... done ; OK
      Very Long printing test ...done ; OK

      :) All works fine

      I will just add some mods in few day , like an LCD screen , a spool Holder ...

      Mods :
      Now My Z axis use 6 solid V wheels instead 3 and Y carriage use 4 solid V wheels instead 3
      Electronic board is a Rambo 1.2d

      raspberry pi mod :

      z axis mod :

      Spool holder mod :

      Building album :
      https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/sets/72157646043476056/

      Attention : The BOM is not finished yet and has not been verified

      I just add some Led and plexi ...
      maximus led 2 .jpg maximus led.jpg

      I just add a raspberry camera ..

      I received yesterday my heated bed (not kapton one but in silicone .. )...
      First try with abs at 235°C and heated bed at 100°C ...
      It works fine :)

      [​IMG]20140916_161755 by mytechno3d, on Flickr

      I just make a modification on the hotend retainer to have 2 hotends and 2 bowden extrudeurs


      I just add a manual to build the Maximus , it is in French only , but i think that all pictures will help you ..

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    • CC - Attribution - CC BY

    Reason for this Build

    Need a larger printing area than my Mendelmax 2
  • Parts list

    Qty Part Name Part Link Comments
    5 20x20 x 1,5m Vslot extrusions ( 15x 500mm parts) Link Frame Parts
    2 20x80x1m vslot extrusions Link Y axis
    1 Printed parts set Link borosilicate foot , e3d retainer , psu support, cable chain ...
    1 20x40x1m vlsot extrusions Link cut at dimension for Z axis
    1 20x60x1m vslot extrusion Link X axis ( only need 500mm)
    4 Nema 17 motors ( high torque as possible) Link x , y and z axis
    1 Power supply 12 or 24 v Link
    1 wiring kit Link
    1 coupler 5x8 mm Link Z axis ( motor to 8mm acme leadscrew )
    1 Acme Lead screw 8x8 Link z axis
    1 8 mm acme nut block Link z axis
    2 Lock collar 8mm Link z axis
    18 Solid v wheel kit Link
    1 Bowden Maxstruder Link
    1 Rambo board Link you may want use a ramps 1.4 instead
    14 3 way cube corner Link
    15 90 degree Angle Corner Link
    1 spacer block Link z axis
    1 Threaded Rod Plate Link
    1 aluminium specific plate( hotend support) Link retain hotend end leadscrew
    3 endstops Link x , y and z endstop
    1 Fan 40mmx40mm Link for pla printing
    1 vslot gantry plate Link x carriage
    3 motor plate Link 2 for y axis and 1 for x axis
    3 gt2 pulley 20 tooths Link
    2 gt2 belt ( meter) Link
    4 rubber foot Link
    2 688zz bearing Link z axis leadscrew
    2 Bowden PTFE 1,8mm ( meter) Link
    100 t-nut Link post install t-nut 5mm
    10 flat t-nut 5mm Link use to block the belt ( x and y axis)
    1 8mm flat head screw Link
    1 10 mm flat head screw Link
    1 eccentric spacer Link
    1 45 mm flat head screw Link
    1 1/8 spacers Link
    1 20 mm spacers Link
    1 M3 screws Link x ,y and z motors