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      Update: 1-5-2019

      As part of the New Year I thought I could at the very least get this build going.

      Let's start with V-1 "Simple"


      This version using a Black & Decker Cordless Screwdriver as it's power source, I purchased mine from Lowes:


      It consist of the following major OB components:
      (1) C-Beam 250mm Long
      (1) 20x80x250 (in this case cut to 7.00" long)
      (1) Gantry Plate
      (1) Spindle Mount

      As well as the following manufactured components:
      (1) Grinder Adapter Ring (3D Printed)
      (1) Screwdriver Mount (3D Printed of Laser Cut from 1/4" Acrylic)

      All other associated hardware will be detailed in the *Parts List

      Assembly of the (2) rails is simple and uses (4) Black Angled Corner Connector (and associated hardware). It sits on (4) Rubber Feet for stability.

      The Screwdriver is simply wedged into the "fork" position of the Top Mount and held in with friction.

      The Grinder is held in with the (2) pieces Adapter, it is currently sized for a 1Zpresso E-Plus grinder. However, if you provide your grinder diameter I can adjust the ID of the Adapter to fit your needs.

      The total assembly is very straight forward, if you've used any OB hardware you will already know how to do it, so I'm not going into much detail for V-1. If you do need more direct instructions just let me know in the Discussions section or via PM and I'd be happy to help.

      Here's another photo of V-1, sorry I don't have more or better ones, but V-2 came quickly and I simply forgot to take more photos of V-1 prior to disassembly.


      ** I will populate the parts list as time permits

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    Reason for this Build

    I love a manual coffee grinder, it simply makes great coffee, but sometimes you just don't want to crank it, or maybe you can't due to health issues!?!? This compact lightweight stand takes care of both of those issues. It easy to assemble, and low cost. Specialty powered grinders capable of producing similar quality grinds can cost thousands of dollar. Even with a high end manual grinder ($300.00) you can still add this stand and stay below $500.00. Not bad for the quality you will see in the cup!!
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