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      Since Openbuilds was out of 1500mm 20x60 for my side rails, I ordered two 1000mm pieces and built a Long Ox.

      I wasn't happy with the stock spoiler board layout so I built a clamp table with 20x20 cross pieces and 4 inch wide mdf between each rail. The entire table drops out of the Cnc router for cleaning. I connected the sections with the Openbuilds cross plates and wood screws. I used up some 20x40 scraps as braces along the bottom.

      The workbench is a Husky bench on wheels with many drawers. I added a 2ft x 4ft sheet of ply to the workbench top to provide a larger surface.

      I'm currently working on wiring and mounting my smoothieboard and raspberry pi in one of the drawers. stay tuned...

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