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      I'd been wanting a CNC router for a while and the only thing that I'd found close to my budget was the 6040 Chinese setup. I was surfing eBay for a CNC router when I came across a listing for the OX gantry plates and ended up here.

      A bit more research and a quick budget check and it's game on.

      I'm planning on upsizing the OX. My initial plan was to expand it so that I ended up with a 900x600mm cutting area, but when I started working out the extra V-slot for the build it wasn't working out much more expensive to utilize the full lengths to make a machine with an overall size of 1500x1000.

      So 1500x1100 it is.

      I've had advice that the larger size may be difficult to align and tune, but think the extra material is a small gamble. There is nothing stopping me from cutting it down to a more manageable size if I run into too much trouble.

      As I'm currently time poor, I expect this build may take a few months so I will do any step by steps in the forum discussion and a summary here when finished.

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