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      This is my Plasma table build.
      1. purchase and build openbuilds lead cnc kit complete with black box
      2. purchase Torch height controller(sf-hc25g)
      3 purchase plasma that works with cnc equipment, namely non Hi frequecy start. Blow back start is preferes with cnc output port

      4 design interface board, that translates 5v logic level BlackBox fire command as well as Ok to continue return signal from Thc (12v ), and create an auto mode signal to THC.
      5 purchase a buck boost to convert 24v needed by THC and Black box to 12v use on THC to Black Box interface circuit.
      6 edit grbl pin configuration so that door open/ feed hold pin is swapped with resume input.
      7 edit fusion 360 grbl laser post processor to generate proper M codes in correct order for plasma arc start timing and sequence
      8. cut some cool stuff
      1. Special Notes

        I have a functioning prototype of interface board, I may make a short run of boards available, as well as post processor.
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    Build License:
    • CC - Attribution NonCommercial - Share Alike - CC BY NC SA

    Reason for this Build

    Wanted a plasma table and anything even close to this size was cost prohibitive ..... and for fun and bragging rights.

    Inspired by

    There was several plasma builds some used THC, some used openbuils platform, but none I found did both. In fact I was told I couldnt be done.
  • Parts list

    Qty Part Name Part Link Comments
    1 lead1500 Link
    1 SF-HC25K Link torch hieght control
    1 THC to Black Box Interface Link Custom circuit
    1 Firmware/post Link Modified firmware for Black Box, and Post processor for Fusion 360
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