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      Being a home hobbyist I decided it would be really nice to get into the world of CNC. Initially I was thinking of going with a laser cutter but after much deliberation I felt a CNC router would be more useful for me and a good first step into learning more about CNC. I suspect a laser cutter is still in my future but first things first.

      Having relatively zero experience with CNC routing I was really impressed with the OpenBuilds machines and community. I felt that building the machine myself would help me understand how it works but having all the development already done was instrumental in my choice of the Lead1010. Also, the videos by OB's to help with assembly and startup were very appealing to walk me through the process step by step.

      So here we go...first up inspection of the parts. initial impressions were great!

      IMG_9332.jpg IMG_9333.jpg IMG_9334.jpg IMG_9336.jpg IMG_9337.jpg IMG_9338.jpg

      Some various pics of the assembly:

      IMG_0857.JPG IMG_0858.JPG IMG_0859.JPG IMG_0860.JPG IMG_0861.JPG IMG_0871.JPG IMG_0872.JPG IMG_0873.JPG IMG_0874.JPG IMG_0875.JPG IMG_0876.JPG IMG_0877.JPG IMG_9354.jpg IMG_9355.jpg

      I wanted to add an enclosure and dust collection system to keep the mess down and to keep the sound down. First up was to create the dust collection and so I made an enclosure for a Festool shop vac:

      IMG_0916.JPG IMG_0917.JPG IMG_0919.JPG IMG_0920.JPG IMG_0921.JPG IMG_0922.JPG IMG_0923.JPG

      Next up was a spoil board. I drew one up in Fusion360 then used my table saw and put it to work along with some t-track from mcmaster carr:

      IMG_0864.JPG IMG_0865.JPG IMG_0866.JPG IMG_0867.JPG IMG_0868.JPG IMG_0869.JPG IMG_0870.JPG

      Last item was to create an enclosure for the Lead1010. I added the optional high-z modification so that required a large enclosure. I ended up with roughly 47x50x36H internally. I also had the optional dust boot so I wanted to ensure enough length to accommodate that.
      Again, I drew up a design in CAD then tweaked the parts list and sizes using the Minitec website. I ordered all the parts pre-cut from them, essentially making my own 'kit'. Worked out very well and is very solid.

      IMG_0937.JPG IMG_0938.JPG IMG_0941.JPG MRXQ4364.JPG THWR7537.JPG IMG_0937.JPG IMG_0938.JPG IMG_0939.JPG IMG_0940.JPG IMG_0941.JPG

      And i've pretty much finished off the build and next up is to get it running. here are some finished photos including the dust collection cyclone separator that i'm going to use.

      IMG_9786.JPG IMG_9787.JPG IMG_9789.JPG IMG_9790.JPG IMG_9792.JPG IMG_9794.JPG

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    Reason for this Build

    Wanted the ability to CNC router parts for my hobby (model airplanes) at home.

    Inspired by

    Other builds in the OpenBuilds website and community.
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