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      I have been toying with the idea of making a 3 axis rotary CNC machine for awhile. I wanted to make it with off the shelf OpenBuilds parts so anyone can replicate it. All parts are available from OpenBuilds except the rotary axis. The rotary axis is available from various online retailers and ebay. I purchased a 100mm 3 jaw chuck and tail stock from here: https://www.ebay.com/ipp/113664230428?transactionId=2078159169001

      I looked into the Openbuilds CNC Lathe section in the "Builds" portion of the forum and only saw one marked as complete. My goal is to double that. I mulled over various designs in my head, but the easiest starting point I could think of was the LEAD High Z mod so I purchased the kit. I had a 1500mm 2080 V-slot piece and a 2040 V-slot left over from another project so I purchased the High Z mod kit, another 1000mm 2080 V-slot piece, and additional C-beam and the other parts for the gantry to match what came in the High Z mod kit. I had some left over 2040 V-slot from another project for the cross brace. I am starting to assemble parts, but I am also not 100 percent set on the design I have posted here in the files section. Maybe someone else has good ideas that will help. Originally, I was going to cut some custom braces from aluminum plate, but decided to order some Adjustable V-Slot Hinge to use with the 2020 extrusion I have left over from an earlier laser project to keep it all “off the shelf.” The stacked pieces of 2080 was just an idea, but I am not married to it. I may make something out of another material.

      Here are a couple of pictures from my design as it is now. This may be one of those designs where I go off the drawing I have, but make design changes on the fly and modify the design drawing after if I like the change.


      I am actually very impressed with the rotary axis I purchased. It was very well packed and looks very nicely made. That being said, I have yet to hook it up and use it. Here are a few pictures of it:


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    Reason for this Build

    There is a lack of "completed" CNC lathes in the build section and I wanted to make one anybody could replicate. Also, I wanted the ability to make 3D objects, both faster and out of more durable materials than a 3D printer can produce.

    Inspired by

    LEAD CNC and LEAD High Z mod from Openbuilds, and the Rotary CNC and Cbeam Rotary.
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