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      I have somewhat limited space to place my router, so I decided to modify the LEAD 1010 to have a LEAD 710 instead. The X Axis C-beam has been reduced from 1000mm to 700mm. All other X axis dimensions from the LEAD 1010 were modified down 300mm and parts ordered. I'll post my parts list once I've had a chance to review it for where I had a few problems.

      I took pictures for most of the build, though near the end, I was just trying to push through and finish. I still have to finish hooking up the spindle to the VFD and water pump before I can use it, but currently I have the Black Box set up and functionally running. I can move all the axes and home the machine.

      Once I've got the spindle running, I'll calibrate the axes and I'll start tuning for my maximum travel speed.

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    Needed a machine slightly smaller than the LEAD 1010.
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