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      New to the arena.. Wanted to add my build that I just started to get input and recommendations.

      I will be building a 1515 LEAD machine, with a few modifications. I will be adding HGH15 rails for all axis, 1500 for A/X/Y, and 500MM for the Z. The unit will have the High Z modification.

      All axis's will be upgraded to SFU1604 Ball screws with BKBF12 end blocks. The A/X/Y will be 1565MM to allow for full 1500MM travel, and the Z will have 565MM.

      To mount the ball screws, I was thinking about using the Y axis as the example. Since there are 2 C Beams for the High Z, I was going to mount the ball screw between the 2 C Beams and use custom end plates to join both together. This would allow for the Z axis to mount at about the same distance from the Y gantry. For the X/A axis, I was thinking about doing the same type of idea, change the front and back cross members from the 2040 to a 2080 and use the 2040's across the bottom of the X/A axis . I would mount the HGH15's to the top and bottom of the C-Beam, with the ball screw below. This would create an 80MM gap for the X/A ball screws, the plates for the Y gantry to connect to the X/A wouldn't need to go all the way to the 2040 at the bottom.

      That would I think give me a very stable platform to attach everything, and give me room under the bed for the electronics and addition of a vacuum bed at a later time.

      Electronics will be OB Blackbox with High Torq Steppers.

      12/06. New Arduino based controller with external drivers. 2x 48v power supplies. Replacing the BlackBox controller. Initial testing show much better speed and power of the steppers. Still playing with the speeds, but the new steppers at 1/4 stepping makes the ball screws run at much better speeds.
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    • GNU (GPL3+) General Public Licence

    Reason for this Build

    Strong, 1515 LEAD CNC. Capable of high accuracy for all material, and thicknesses up to 8" Z.

    Inspired by

    Sharmstr's Workbee, Giarc's LEAD
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