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    1. chanellepalal3
      5 /5,
      great review about the article, however I am looking for a laser engraving machine for bigger project... your machine is small...I got one article from google which may be useful for you, http://10trumps.com/best-laser-engraving-machine/ ... if you can suggest me some more big laser engraver, that will be great! many thanks!
      1. chanellepalal3
        chanellepalal3's Response
    2. chanellepalal3
      5 /5,
      really nice job
    3. chanellepalal3
      Tracy Ranson
      5 /5,
      I really like this build. I cannot wait til a parts list is provided and more specific details for the construction of this machine. I want a laser machine so bad that I think that I will build this one.
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